How to look skinny in a week?

Answer Impossible. Be confident with your image, as long as you are not excessively overweight, you should be fine

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How to be skinny in one week?

Don't eat anyThing not even water.Believe me you will be skinny in 7 days.8th day you are dead................Keep up your personality don't do any extras..............Finnally you will land some w... Read More »

How to Look Skinny?

Everyone wants to change something about their body, and for most women, its their weight or appearance.

I think i look too skinny- do you?

You need to put some meat on your bones. Good looking girl just need a little muscle or blubber. You cannot afford to lose any weight at all.

Do i look like im too skinny?

Bro your the right size. Your friends must be a bit bigger. Just work out, not all girls like big buff guys. You don't want to look like ronnie off the Jersey Shore do you? If so have at it, but ju... Read More »