How to look good and be healthy?

Answer There are all kinds of vitamins and multivitamins you can take. What I recommend getting a children's vitamin because they are a complete vitamin and they are the most digestible. The gummy bears... Read More »

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Did I eat healthy, good, so far?

Yeah, that's great so far :)Except too much of anything could be bad for you. Yes, including grapes :P

Why is eating healthy good for you?

Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients is essential to optimum health, helping us look and feel our best, fight disease and live longer.Weight ControlA healthy diet plays an important role in wei... Read More »

Which foods are good and healthy for you?

Lean meats and plenty of fruits and veggies.Dune

Is this a good/healthy breakfast to take on the go?

not reallyfruit is really good but gelatin is good for a snack in-between meals but for breakfast you should eat things with more protein, vitamins and fiber. granola bars are a good source of thos... Read More »