How to load javascript on an external webpage?

Answer If I understand your situation correctly, you want to have some links on a web page that go to other places, such as MySpace. And when the user clicks on a link, you want the "cookie" from that ot... Read More »

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How to Add Javascript Language to a Joomla Webpage?

This is how to write Javascript language into a webpage, managed by Joomla. This assumes you already have the desired Java snippet and are just looking to have it displayed properly.

"Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data"?

The website seems down, not your fault.Error on the server end, not your end

How to Include External JS in JavaScript?

When using Javascript for your web project, you have the option of embedding your JavaScript internally and externally into your project. Even though the method of embedding your JavaScript code in... Read More »

Can you use external JavaScript to call a form action?

External JavaScripts can be used to create forms, modify form inputs as well as submit entire forms. An external JavaScript file is simply referenced from an HTML page to give it access to any form... Read More »