How to list a Wikipedia category in the correct alphabetical order?

Answer The default system behavior would be to list it under the R of "Royal". In this case, editors have added a special statement so that it will be listed under the S of "Search" instead, because "Sear... Read More »

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How to Put Fiction Books in Correct Alphabetical Order in the Public Library?

A public library is a library whose patrons are the people who live in the general vicinity of its location. Public libraries can be found in places all over the world, and their primary focus is ... Read More »

How to create wikipedia in the correct category?

I have to know: is user:_____ Vincent van Gogh? That really *is* incorrect. You can't go round making an wikipedias for your intern under the names of famous artists. That's just not on, you know. ... Read More »

Why Is A Keyboard Not In Alphabetical Order?

In 1875, Christopher Sholes with assistance from Amos Densmore rearranged the typewriter keyboard so that the commonest letters were not so close together and the type bars would come from opposi... Read More »

Why are keyboards not in alphabetical order?

When typewriters were first used, the typists were able to type faster than the arms holding the letters could swing up and down. As a result, typewriters kept jamming. So the keys were actually re... Read More »