How to link multiple excel files to a same macro?

Answer When you ALT+F11 into the VB editor you should see a file called PERSONAL.XLS in the Project Explorer window.This is shareable across all other workbooks on your machine.Move your module to this bo... Read More »

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How to Run a Macro on Multiple Files in MS Word?

Since work and personal projects can easily extend beyond a single Word document, it makes sense to enable your macros to work on multiple documents. You can do this by using Visual Basic's "Open" ... Read More »

Is there a way to convert multiple excel file to csv files at once?

Yes, there is. By writing some VBA code (and possibly more, depending on what you mean by "multiple Excel file").Does the "multiple" actually mean several .XLS Workbook files, or does that mean se... Read More »

How to Open Multiple CSV Files in One Excel Spreadsheet?

Join multiple CSV files in separate Excel spreadsheets into one to reduce paging between different spreadsheets and increase productivity. Merging CSV files into one spreadsheet involves the comman... Read More »

How can I add multiple values from multiple sheets in Excel?

Let's say the running total for each month is on cell A1 of each sheet (month)On the Total Sheet, create the following formula to add up all the totals for each month.=Sheet1!A1+Sheet2!A1+Sheet3!A1... Read More »