How to lie about a suicide scar on my wrist?

Answer Wow, some people are so rude. It's really nobody's business why you have a scar. You shouldn't have to explain it to anyone. But, if you feel the need to, say:"I got in a knife fight in Mexico."... Read More »

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Why do people cut their left wrist while committing the suicide?

Right handed people start with the left hand so that theyre good hand is strong for the first cut.

How can you contact Dr Phil about your daughter who is so depressed she is talking about suicide and she is four months pregnate?

At age 19, she became a news anchor for a CBS television station that was local.

What to d about big scar?

go to like a plastic surgeons office, they have scar cream, it starts to like make the scar fade into your skin, you can put concealer over it too i guess as long as you shave your leg in that spot... Read More »

How to Stop Thinking About Suicide?

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Even if you know that suicide is not the answer, it can still pop into your mind, overwhelming you with thought of sadness or anger. This is ... Read More »