How to leave the habit of chewing your fingernails?

Answer cut them off when they grow

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How do i break my habit for biting my fingernails?

Breaking the habit of chewing nails?

I just started painting my nails ALL THE TIME. I wouldn't want my hands to look bad and chipped all day, so I left them alone lol. :) You could try taping your fingers, or snapping a rubber band on... Read More »

How to stop a nail chewing type habit?

What you have is an OCD named dermatophagia. You can try chewing gum or covering your favorite fingers in liquid Bandaid. Or there's a brush-on product called Thum that you can get at the drug stor... Read More »

How to Stop Biting or Chewing your Fingernails?

Many people have the bad habit of biting their fingernails. If you want to grow your nails, or just stop this nasty habit, use the tips in this article to get you on the road to healthy finger nail... Read More »