How to lable the childrens seats at a preschool any ideas?

Answer I did something similar one year but just laminated the whole table top with clear contact paper. Or you could put the name labels on the chairs and place the chairs where you want them. Makes it... Read More »

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Childrens Holiday Portrait Ideas?

People use portraits to preserve memories of people they love. Parents especially love to have their children photographed. It's a great way to commemorate milestones and the Holidays are almost al... Read More »

Is there any way we can get rid of the crazy psycho lable that tends to go along with vegetarians and vegans?

Hey Bojangles, good to see you again.:)Be yourself. Be a good person. That is all any of us can do on the matter because people will believe what they want to. If you try to explain they will fi... Read More »

How do i print addresses from a microsoft excel list onto an avery lable sheet?

First, make sure you have a header row for the titles of your columns in the Excel sheet. Then, go into Word, and use Tools->Letters & Mailings->Mail Merge. This will bring up a wizard in the rig... Read More »

Preschool Ideas on Dinosaurs?

Most preschoolers love to learn about dinosaurs. Talking about these creatures teaches children about the history of Earth long before people evolved. Teach children the proper names for various ty... Read More »