How to know your humidor isn't drying out your cigars ?

Answer A few easy steps: monitor it frequently, if the humidity gets too low then fix it. Also, smoke a cigar every now and then, you'll know right away if its working well or not.

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How long do cigars last without a humidor?

The life of a cigar can depends on how you store them. If kept properly stored in humidor, cigars will keep indefinitely, and can in fact taste better the longer they age. Kept them in a plastic ba... Read More »

Do you leave cigars in wrapper when in a humidor?

According to Cheap, it doesn't matter if you remove the cellophane wrapper from a cigar before storing it in a humidor. The cellophane keeps cigar flavors from mingling while still all... Read More »

Do you leave the cellophane on the cigars in a humidor?

Cellophane should be removed from cigars in a humidor as long as they are not in contact with other types of cigars. If you remove the cellophane from different cigars sitting next to one another, ... Read More »

How long do cigars last in cigar cases with a humidor?

A cigar that is stored in a properly maintained humidor, with or without a case, will keep indefinitely. In fact, many people recognize that a cigar that is aged in a humidor will actually taste be... Read More »