How to know what size bra I am?

Answer A "D" cup is not huge- all it signifies is a four inch difference between the under-bust and the bust measurement- so a 38D will always look larger than a 34D. Grab a tape measure and measure both ... Read More »

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I need A0 size of Scanner , but i don't know the brand , so can anybody tell me which brand have A0 size Scann?

The following is to HP and a link to allow input of your scanner needs and a recommendation will be made for a scanner.URL:…I Hope this Helps!

How do you know what size bra to wear?

"Women typically buy the wrong bra size," says Cyla Weiner, owner of lingerie boutique called Sylene in Washington, D.C. Simply put, a woman's bra size can change, possibly over six times during a ... Read More »

I don't know what bra size I am?

You should get the 34B..even though its the same size around the back..the b means that the 34 will be a bit looser, the cup size has an effect on the band will be looser for you:)

How Do You Know What Size Skis To Buy?

Renting skis can become costly, but it is a good way to experiment and get familiar with the length of ski that is comfortable for you. Skill level is a key factor when selecting the proper ski len... Read More »