How to know if you would get drunk easily?

Answer If you have never consumed alcohol before and have a normal or low BMI, you will get drunk easily.Try consuming a maximum of one drink per hour. This will give you time to gauge your body's respon... Read More »

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Is it weird that I don't get drunk easily?

That means you have a stronger immune system so it's harder

Get drunk really easily What can I do about this?

Don't drink so Much. I know that sound kinda obvious and sarcastic, but I don't think theres much more you can do. Maybe your body will get use to it of you drink the same amount each time you go out.

If you get a cow drunk and eat its liver, would you get drunk?

I think so. You really could. When you cook a drunken liver, the alcohol does not cook out, in fact it increases- there is a chemical reaction that occurs.that makes the alcohol content higher wh... Read More »

Would these fiber reinforced cinder blocks called "Bran Muffins" would they be easily painted?

unpained, they have a natural brown hueyou can paint them any colour you like, but I don't recommend "pea" green or "mustard" yellow - looks tooo much like baby puke and doodie