How to know if u pulled a muscel?

Answer You probably mean like a muscle in your shoulder not a muscel in you shourlder. You will have limited movement, some pain and reduced strength. They can be hard to prevent, but try avoiding stretch... Read More »

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Advice on bulking / gaining muscel?

Start reading food labels to get a sense of howmany calories you're already eating. Then add 500to that number and start eating that many caloriesevery day. Aim to take in about one gram ofprotein ... Read More »

If a muscle is pulled, does that make it more susceptible to being pulled again?

I would say that unless you eliminate the cause of the original injury, you are likely to repeat it.dang, going postal, lol. get your mind out of the gutter, and back on the curb where it belongs, lol

Could a pulled my pulled muscle be permanent Or if not, what could I do to help it?

No, a pulled muscle cannot be permanent. You can go for physiotherapeutic treatment to help it.

If you use a condom and it didn't break and he pulled out before he came can you become pregnant also if he put it in and pulled it out and didn't pre-ejaculate or ejaculate can you be pregnant?

Answer If he was wearing a condom and it was used properly, then your chances of getting pregnant are less than 1%. If he wasn't using a condom and entered you even for a second, then you can get ... Read More »