How to know if u pulled a muscel?

Answer You probably mean like a muscle in your shoulder not a muscel in you shourlder. You will have limited movement, some pain and reduced strength. They can be hard to prevent, but try avoiding stretch... Read More »

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How do i know if i pulled a muscle?

You have probably just pulled a muscle, as when you run, you swing your arms. I suggest resting your shoulder for a few days, ice the point where it hurts for like 15-20 4-5 times a day if you can.... Read More »

Advice on bulking / gaining muscel?

Start reading food labels to get a sense of howmany calories you're already eating. Then add 500to that number and start eating that many caloriesevery day. Aim to take in about one gram ofprotein ... Read More »

How do I know if I've pulled/torn a muscle?

You might have pulled it, I would see a doctor to make sure.

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