How to know how much click has been done in your page?

Answer Install Google Analytics on your site.

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When you edit a Wikipedia page and click "Save Page", can everyone see the change?

If it shows for you, it should show for anyone else in a few seconds, if that (database lag). For example, if you go to the Conan O'Brien article and change it to say "Conan O'Brien is the Presiden... Read More »

When you click at a link and get a "page error", what can be the causes :) ?

The causes is almost definitely a server problem. If you are able to click on other links and visit other websites just fine, then it's almost asuredly a problem with the particular link you are a... Read More »

In IE8, When I click on a link, The page jumps to the bottom..Why?

The question that needs to be asked and answered by you is whether this happens on every link, no matter what website you are on, including Google searches.I suggest downloading the latest Mozilla ... Read More »

Computer Going Crazy !! I click on a link and the page gets redirected.?