How to kill slugs?

Answer Hi to You!Last night, I just saw on that they had an offer for free shipping on "Diatomaceous earth", that is used for a natural killer/prevent-er for slug control for people who enjoy g... Read More »

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What's the most effective way to kill slugs?

Put Beer into shallow bowls they are attracted to it then they drown its better than them dying in agony with salt

How to Kill Lawn Slugs?

Slugs invade flower and vegetable gardens. The mollusks chew plant tissue and can even feed on ripe fruit and vegetables. The pests eat the foliage and leave behind a sticky trail. Slugs are most p... Read More »

How do I kill slugs and snails?

If you find an aswer let me know.I must of collected millions of the little sods.I've sealed them in tins for the refuse people to collect, dug deep holes and buried them alive.Pellets don't work, ... Read More »

How to Kill Slugs with Frogs and Toads?

Why would anyone want to kill slugs in the first place? The first reason is very obvious. Many garden owners cannot afford watching any of their plants getting ruined by these pests. Apart from dam... Read More »