How to keep up my immune system?

Answer I hate to tell you this....but your immune system is functioning just fine, and nothing you do will change that.Be thankful, or you would be able to slow down and speed up your immune system - and ... Read More »

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What suggestions to keep your immune system in top form?

Cut down sugar intake, increase live foods (Vegetation), do not drink cola or high amounts of caffeine, don't just brush your teeth a few times a day also gargle with Listerine! A clean mouth is wh... Read More »

Can anyone advise me on how to boost my immune system keep taking infections one after another?

Talk to you doctor first.Get enough sleepEat HealthyExerciseRelax

Boosting my immune system?

Two things. Get your flu shot---every year. Wash your hands after every trip to a public place. Bacteria and viral infections are often transmitted from hand-to-mouth. Follow these two tips, and yo... Read More »

How can I build up my immune system?

Wash your hands always and if you know somebody around you has a cold make sure you stay away from them.Especialy at work make sure you don't touch your eyes ears nose or mouth if you have been nea... Read More »