How to keep unagi sushi from getting soggy?

Answer You ask the store to separate the unagi (eel) from the sushi rice in two separate boxes. Or you can buy the pack and separate them yourself at home. Then when you want to eat, just take the unagi, ... Read More »

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Do brushing egg whites on a pie crust before baking a quiche keep it from being soggy?

To keep a pie crust from getting soggy during baking, brush the crust with egg whites before adding the filling. You can also partly bake the crust for three to five minutes before adding the filli... Read More »

Is there a way to microwave leftover pizza without it getting soggy?

Oven takes too long so stick to the microwave although to keep it from getting soft get a place and cover it with paper towels, then place the pizza on top of the paper towels and heat. The paper t... Read More »

I keep getting messages from porn sites from Yahoo Online .How do I get rid?

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.Click on an unsubscribe link on a spam e-mail !!!!!!!!!!All this does is inform the spam senders that your e-mail is live and they will send you more spamThey will be able to se... Read More »

How to Keep Your Scalp From Getting Irritated From a Perm?

One of the ways a woman makes her hair look beautiful is to get a perm. Doing so often allows for more flexibility in styling the hair and makes it easier to manage. While getting a perm has benefi... Read More »