How to keep my breath smelling nice and fresh all day at school?

Answer 90% of the bacteria that makes bad breath comes from the surface of your tongue, even brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper only masks the problem. i highly recomend getting the orabrush ht... Read More »

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How to Have Nice Smelling Breath?

People can smell your breath more then you think. Keep it smelling nice and fresh!

How to Keep a Ribbon Smelling Nice?

Ribbons are a great introductory to any outfit! You can wear ribbons in your hair, around your waist, as a necklace, tie them in a homemade t-shirt, etc. After awhile though ribbons get dirty, and ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh?

Hanging your clothes outside keeps them fresh and aired.Never ever mix clean clothes and dirty ones. Put dirty clothes straight into a laundry bag or basket, ready for washing.

How to Keep Your Feet Smelling Fresh All Day?

There are many products designed to mask foot odor, but the real causes of foot odor are bacteria and wetness. Wear shoes that allow your skin to breathe and wear cotton socks to help wick sweat aw... Read More »