How to keep hot pepper?

Answer i myself just wash them first of all and then deseed them and then i use my vidallia chop wizzard to chop them into little squares and then i put them in freezer baggies and freeze them. been doing... Read More »

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How long does red pepper sauce keep?

The amount of time you can store red pepper sauce depends on the ingredients in it. For example, Tabasco typically is safe for consumption for an average of five years. Korean pepper sauce, on the ... Read More »

What pepper is hotter jalapeno pepper or a Chile pepper?

I believe that a jalapeño pepper is a type of chili pepper. Um it is

Can I use cayenne red pepper to keep deer away from my plants?

Cayenne pepper can be effective in keeping deer away from your plants. Use four to five tablespoons of cayenne and one tablespoon of vegetable oil mixed in one gallon of water to thoroughly spray o... Read More »

Can you put cayenne pepper on your plants to keep cats and dogs away?

Yes, but it might not work.For dogs, try using vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the perimeter and between the rows and no more unwanted visitors. Their sense of smell is too sensitive and they will... Read More »