How to keep Facebook profile updates from showing up on newsfeeds?

Answer you are using a social networking site.... why would you want to change something like that and not have your friends be notified of it? it doesnt make any sense to me

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My Facebook status updates are not showing up on any of my friends' news feeds. Anyone know how to fix this?

Check your privacy settings, both globally and for each individual post to make sure they go out to your friends. Also have your friends check your profile. I don't know if the feature still exis... Read More »

How do I see a friend's profile and status updates on facebook after I requested not to see them?

Homepage - Newsfeed(under your fb image to the left) click the pencil icon next to news feed and edit settings there.

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How to Keep a Low Profile on Facebook?

Sometimes you just friend a couple people then the next day there's 100s of requests to be friends. It can clog up your e-mail and just be annoying. Having too many friends takes up time that could... Read More »