How to introduce myself during an interview?

Answer Introduction is done in the beginning of the interview and NOT during it.The interview panel knows your name so it is superfluous to start saying 'who you are' yourself. It is NOT advisable to star... Read More »

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How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview?

First impressions count a great deal. And the manner in which you introduce yourself in an interview will be remembered; so much so that it might be the deal breaker. Here are some tips for introdu... Read More »

How to Introduce Yourself?

Having trouble introducing yourself?Being able to introduce yourself to a group or another person might seem daunting, but it's a social task that pops up a lot. Here are some steps to make it easier.

How to Introduce One's Self?

When people meet for the first time or have an initial correspondence, most cultures consider it proper etiquette to go through either a formal or informal introduction. This takes just a few momen... Read More »

How to Introduce Economics?

The history of economics as an academic discipline is as old as ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, China and Persia. Economics is a social science, but it can be related to subjects as diverse ... Read More »