How to increase the browsing speed?

Answer Trick to Increase Firefox Speed1. Open firefox and in the address bar write about:config and press enter2. Double click network.http.pipelining and set it to True3. Double click network.http.pipeli... Read More »

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How do I speed up folder browsing on a computer?

Use Regedit to Speed Up Folder BrowsingClick on the "Start" button and scroll to "Run." Type "Regedit" in the field next to "Open" and click on the "OK" button to open the Registry Editor dialog. F... Read More »

Google ads slows down browsing speed?

It sometimes cause slow downs, but I advise you to use an "Ad Blocker"; It stops those sometimes annoying Google Ads that you don't need.

Is Aircel good sim for internet browsing and downloading in lucknow ...and how much it net surfing speed plz t? is good for internet browsing and downloading...but better is airtel.Aircel doesn't allow internet surfing on PC or laptop, only mobile. whereas airtel do.Airtel gives upto 40kbps speed in ... Read More »

How to Increase the Download Speed for Netzero Hi-Speed?

Netzero provides a "high speed" option for dialup users. Netzero is an Internet service provider (ISP) that maintains affordable dialup options for users who do not have broadband capabilities in t... Read More »