How to improve my hair (Pic included)?

Answer If you want something drastically different try a pixie or angled bob and maybe a fringe. You could do sooo much with your hair. I think a really crazy bright color would look super cool like a bur... Read More »

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Improve my looks [[pics included]] of course lol?

How can I improve my appearance (PICTURES INCLUDED)?

Honestly you look gorgeous!But a new shade of lipgloss/lipstick changes my mood sometimes ;D........or a mocha frappe.

How to improve how i look (i want a change before school starts) pic included?

You're so pretty! But you're tired of your look? Don't worry, I know how you feel. I've tried changing up myself a little, but in the end, it never feels right. Just don't try to be something you'r... Read More »

PIX INCLUDED: Do you like my hair curly or straight and what color do you like my hair 10 points best answer?