How to i get my youtube channel more famous?

Answer Come up with origonal content, Whatever you do, DO NOT do the refreshing trick!! It freezes your views until real views have caught up. Make origonal videos of things your interested in, tell peopl... Read More »

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How to make our Youtube Channel Famous?

Well, I can offer you some advice.1.) Don't use fake thumbnails/titles.2.) Make different genres of videos. (E.G some music, some gaming, some comedy, some sports etc.)3.) Help out people if they a... Read More »

Adsense hosted account - mother youtube channel cancel.. can I add another youtube channel to my adsense a/c?

Is your adsense account still okay, can you access it, is it still active? if your adsense account hasn't been banned then you should be able to make another youtube account and link it to your ads... Read More »

Does anybody know famous youtubers that became famous on youtube, not like Ashley Tisdale or anything?

I am not sure. I do know that YouTube is about the best site out there!!

Why does it say on youtube when i try to update my channel: Please check the channel description?

YouTube does not permit any HTML, VB or IMG codes in descriptions,messages, emails, or comments. As such, there are several symbolsand characters from among # % ^ * = { } [ ] | / \ < > that can't b... Read More »