How to hook up my computer to my plasma tv?

Answer rightclick on your desktop and go to properties>settings and enable dual screens.

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Can you hook up your computer to your plasma TV?

Computers can be hooked up to a plasma television. This can easily be done by connecting a cable from the VGA output port on the computer to the plasma TV's VGA input port. It can be a little mor... Read More »

How to do you hook up a pc to lg 50 inch plasma tv?

Depends on the TV but most only include a headphone jack for the RGB(Computer) hookup. The alternative is to hook the 5.1 up to the receiver for your sound system. How you hook it up will vary depe... Read More »

How to Hook Up External Speakers to a Plasma TV?

Hooking up external speakers to a plasma TV gives you a fuller audio experience than the flat sound that comes from your TV's native speakers. External speakers are not only higher quality sound de... Read More »

Fujitsu Plasma TV - Cable (Coaxial) Hook Up?

For the best TV experience, you need to subscribe to a digital channel package from your cable company, which will get you a set top box (STB) that will connect to one of your set's inputs, i.e. HD... Read More »