How to hide IP address from ISP?

Answer As was already said before, your ISP gave you the IP address you have so they will already know what it is.PeerGuardian will help avoid connecting to other IP addresses that are owned by companies ... Read More »

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How to Hide an IP Address From Google?

Google is a Web search engine that many people use to find information online. While you search, Google tracks your activity: what you look for, how you look for it, and how long you look at specif... Read More »

How to Hide an IP Address From a Website?

Hiding your IP address from a web page may save you legal troubles or protect your security. Websites are able to track users' IP addresses, which could cause trouble if you are viewing content tha... Read More »

How to Hide an IP Address in Software From P2P?

When you share a file using a peer-to-peer utility, the people who you are sharing a file with can see your computer's IP address. Using this information, they would easily be able to narrow down w... Read More »

How to Hide My IP Address From Message Boards?

When you're on a message board, other people may find private information about you by accessing your IP (Internet protocol) address. If this is something that concerns you and you want to keep you... Read More »