How to help Asthma in infants?

Answer Patience, kindness, understanding, consistency, and having a place to hide out and scream when necessary.Never allow young children into the bathroom with you, this teaches them it is - when you're... Read More »

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How do I diagnose asthma in infants?

Asthma blocks or constricts the body's airways. It is a common in children under 18; the majority develop symptoms by age 6 and some children have symptoms before their third birthday. Infants feel... Read More »

How to Help a Child With Asthma?

Parents and other childcare workers are not always sure how they can help children with asthma. There is a lot of information out there and you can become confused quickly when trying to sort throu... Read More »

EMT Protocols; Adult, Children, Infants... HELP?

Protocols vary by county. Why do you need them? If your an EMT you would have access to your County's Protocols. However, per NREMT Standards:C.A.B. is for CPR ONLY. It stands for Circulation, Airw... Read More »

Tips to Help Infants Sleep Through the Night?

One of the biggest challenges for new parents is setting a steady sleeping schedule for their infant. Babies are naturally finicky from birth and will frequently only sleep for brief periods of tim... Read More »