How to heal self harm cut quicker!?

Answer just clean them using warm water containing any antiseptic lotion. Dry there, Leave it to air.

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If you put vaseline on a cut will it heal quicker?

no. only neosporin or similar will heal it. vaseline will just lubricate it, easing the pain.

How to Get Acne to Heal Quicker?

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How can i make my cut heal quicker and should i wash it?

Ok, not enough info here to give you a perfect answer. I would need, how deep (more detail), inside or outside of lid, if you have any health problems, but from what you wrote I'm guessing outside... Read More »

Does Salt help wound heal quicker?

Salt, in and of itself, does not speed up healing. Salt will dry out the wound and help keep it clean by absorbing fluids. Once the wound is dry, the body can work more efficiently. If you have ... Read More »