How to heal bruised foot?

Answer ice it! 15 mins on, 15 minutes off for a couple hours. Then do it like every hour. ask you parent if you can take some ibuprofen.

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How to heal a bruised foot?

No, there is no miracle for healing quicker than it does.Ice, staying off of it, keeping foot elevated - all methods to help heal. Not heal "faster".It'll hurt until it's done healing.If there wer... Read More »

How to heal a bruised bone?

If you don't like the pain, take a bit more more heavy painkillers like diclofenac (compared to aspirin etc. ) for a short while. If you want to take diclofenac take a higher dosage first like 100m... Read More »

How to quickly heal a bruised ankle?

The usual treatment is rest, ice, compression and elevation. Stay off your foot as much as possible for a couple of days. Treat it with an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time several times a day. ... Read More »

If cracked or badly bruised your tail long does it take to "heal" itself?

If you have actually cracked your tailbone, then it will take about one day for every year of your age to mend (e.g. if you are 21, it will take three weeks). Of course it depends how bad the crac... Read More »