How to heal bruise quickly?

Answer Well what i do is very basic and simple and least to hurt. Take an ice cube and wrap it in paper towel or a small hand towel. Then place it LIGHTLY on your bruise. If this makes it hurt, Try restin... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Bruise Quickly?

At your son's baseball game you got hit with a fly ball, or maybe you accidentally caught an elbow to the face in that hot sale downtown. Regardless of the reason or how it happened, you now have a... Read More »

How to Heal a Bruise?

All of us face the challenge of bruises at one time or another. It takes time for a bruise to heal, but there are ways of speeding along the healing process.

What can i do to heal my bruise?

well if heat doesn't work, maybe ice will do it. my mom got one of those after a nurse was "having fun" searching her vain for like 5 minutes. but hers didn't get as bad as yours, and it just went ... Read More »

How can I make a bruise go away quickly ?

i know you said youve tried make up but have you tried a green concealer with foundation over the top? the no7 range at Boots do a good concealer