How to heal and stop the pain of a cut?

Answer Ok. If you are brave and can handle pain pretty well, soak a cotton ball with TCP or germaline. Dab this on your nose to stop infections making it worse. It stings though! Or put a plaster on the b... Read More »

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How do you stop the pain of trapped wind Dont want cheap jokes im in pain today?

peppermint capsules are good - available from health food shops (and Boots I think). Windeeze from chemists are good, I've tried Deflatine but never had good results from themI also find that sitt... Read More »

How do I heal breast pain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, breast pain--also known as mastalgia--is a common problem that affects seven out of 10 women in their lifetime. While breast pain does not usually signify a serious co... Read More »

How can one heal from the pain of Abortion?

Those who have a heart never heal. Set aside what God's Word says about the value of life and consider only that abortion is the most selfish act a human can commit because you are depriving anoth... Read More »

How do I heal a horrible pain in my neck?

u *ate* a tylenol? lol i never heard anyone say it that way. anyways...unfortunately there isnt much u can do. except wait. bengay is good...but they make patches that u can stick on the affected a... Read More »