How to heal and stop the pain of a cut?

Answer Ok. If you are brave and can handle pain pretty well, soak a cotton ball with TCP or germaline. Dab this on your nose to stop infections making it worse. It stings though! Or put a plaster on the b... Read More »

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How do you stop the pain of trapped wind Dont want cheap jokes im in pain today?

peppermint capsules are good - available from health food shops (and Boots I think). Windeeze from chemists are good, I've tried Deflatine but never had good results from themI also find that sitt... Read More »

How do I heal breast pain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, breast pain--also known as mastalgia--is a common problem that affects seven out of 10 women in their lifetime. While breast pain does not usually signify a serious co... Read More »

How can one heal from the pain of Abortion?

Those who have a heart never heal. Set aside what God's Word says about the value of life and consider only that abortion is the most selfish act a human can commit because you are depriving anoth... Read More »

My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?

The pain will never heal but in time it will not be as bad as it currently is. It takes a year for any loss to not hurt so bad. You need to experience the loss of your mother through all seasons.... Read More »