How to heal a sunburn FAST!!!!!!!?

Answer first aid / burn spray from wallgreens or wallmart. it is easyer to apply since the spray you do not have to rub. it will burn at first but it will numb after 5 seconds. heals days faster than any... Read More »

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Fast ways to heal a sunburn 10 points!?

There are a few tried and true ways.first thing- ALWAYS WORKS- boil water, after put a tea bag in it. THEN put it in the fridge to let it cool down. Then (preferebly if you have a spray bottle) put... Read More »

How do you heal sunburn fast without applying anything to your skin?

Soothing Your SunburnUse ice-cold towels - this draws out the heat from the sunburn and soothes the pain Take an Advil to minimize the pain

What is the best way to heal sunburn?

i don't think there is a way to actually heal sunburn, that's just dead skin, but if you want to remove the pain, put vinegar on a cloth and put that on the burned area, it takes the heat away, oth... Read More »

Please help me heal my sunburn?

Get and aloe vera plant - snip on of the leaves and apply the goo to your face.Works wonders.I got scorched on Sunday and after a few days of aloe you can hardly tell.An aloe plant should only c... Read More »