How to heal a second grade burn and a fever acquired from the burn!!!!!?

Answer Sounds like he has heat stroke. Heat stroke is a very serious emergency, you need to get him to a hospital right away. He will need IV fluids and treatment for the fever and the burns

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How to heal a burn!?

Run it under cold water and try an forget about it, it'l stop hurting really quickly its only a minor burn.

When would a burn heal?

From my past experience with burns it usually goes away within a week or so W/O any treatmentas it heals people usually get this "Bump" looking like thing be sure to not mess with that so the heali... Read More »

How do you heal a match burn?

hold the match stick opposite side of burning point. hold right hand and match with left hand. now touching the burning point of stick with the match twice at a time. it will fire.

How long will it take my burn to heal?

A least a week. Don't pop the blister. Real burns from a fire takemonths to heal; for the body to make new skin.