How to heal a popped pimple in a day or two?

Answer How to heal pimples:1. Wash you skin thoroughly and pat it dry with clean towel.2. Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it over the spot for a minute or two; it'll help bring down the swelling.... Read More »

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Popped pimple..............?

Lemon always does the job. Before you go to sleep dab some tooth paste(not gel) onto it. It should be gone by morning.

How to get rid of redness from a popped pimple?

Don't put anything else harsh on it! Benzoyl peroxide, aspirin, lemon juice, acne treatments, etc. are all things that are too harsh! The more drying or harsh things you put on a popped pimple, the... Read More »

How to treat popped blind pimple?

Maybe you have to use a needle to open it so the blood can run out, because that's it what is causing the dark mark. You squeezed to hard. You should have got some alcohol on it as disinfection and... Read More »

Popped huge pimple and now black?

If it bled, then that's probably just a little scab. keep an eye on it.