How to heal a cut toe?

Answer Wash well with soap and water and dry then apply an antibiotic ointment and a band aid.That is the best you can do.Be sure to remove the band aid at night

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How do i heal a big cut?

wash it well with warm water and mild soap. pat dry and apply neosporin and cover with a bandaid. Change this at least twice a day. make sure to keep it as clean and dry as the future-N... Read More »

How can I heal a cut lip?

No bandage would help. The problem is, the wound starts to heal and then you re open it when you move your lips. The best thing you can do is apply some vaseline to your lip to keep the wound moi... Read More »

How do i heal my toe?

It sounds like you still may have some nail under the skin. I would get it checked by a doctor. Infections to do with nails can be nasty!

How to Heal Red Skin?

The skin is the body's largest organ. Since it functions to protect us from pathogens and water loss, skin is affected by numerous factors, including what we eat and consume, and what type of eleme... Read More »