How to heal a blister?

Answer Apply a band aid to protect it from breaking. It will heal in a couple of days.

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What can help a blister heal?

Welll, if you put neosporin on them, and also a bandid, it will keep your blister from rubbing against other surfaces like your shoes! :)

How do I heal a blister?

Apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Remove the bandaid at night or when you don't have on shoes.Since it is now Monday, be sure to keep the blister protected with a band aid or mole skin d... Read More »

How can my blister heal fast?

Yes. Do not pop up. Only thing is give attention not to get it hit by external objects. Being a blister better give it air contact. But do not daustand foriegn materials for which you put a gauze.

How to heal a popped blister?

A bandaid and antibiotic ointment works for me.The next time you get a blister sterilize a pin in a flame and poke once into it. Push on it to drain the fluid then cover with the bandaid.When the s... Read More »