How to have good lighting in videos and pictures?

Answer 3 point lighting, done simply extra key lights in that pic, sitting on the desk, is about 30 years old, it is something my grand mother in like 1959 cou... Read More »

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How to Have Good Lighting when Taking Pictures of Fish?

Fish are hard to take pictures of all because of the lighting.. especially because they're in water. Well,this article will help you fix your lighting good to where you can take excellent pictures ... Read More »

What's a cheap good camera that takes pictures and videos?

When shopping for which digital camera to buy it all comes down to individual needs and how much you have to spend, saying that I will still try and help as best I can by providing you with a few l... Read More »

I tried to download pictures and videos from memory card, but it says I need to have Windows Live Essentials?

No dont do it,,just go to my computer and click on your memory card and just copy paste the files :)Just make sure that when you plugged your memory card in and it prompt to do something just click... Read More »

Does a 1.3mp camera have good quality pictures?

It is a trick question because most of people believes that more Mega pixels better the image but it is not exactly true becasue if you have a 20M Pixel camera with bad lens and bad sensor you will... Read More »