How to have an epic party?

Answer Beer pong, keg, girls, good music and weed

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What are some candies that look like medicine for party favors or any party favor ideas for pharmacy party?

jelly beans (capsules)M&M'sskittlespoprocksrazzlesredhotsjelly candies that are drinkable or squeazable in jars or tubes

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a example of the first?

The Word Is Literature. PS and if it is for school Like FLVS I am 100% sure that its Literature

What is the epic of gilgamesh?

AnswerA poem and among the earth's earliest literary works portraying a mythological Sumerian King from about the 3rd millennium BCE filled with the stories of Spirits, monsters and gods.

Should i buy the samsung epic?

dude yes, the epic is like one of the best phones out there today. ive heard that phone has a lot of positive reviews,. so i do reccomend you get it. and im sorry idk have any info since i dont own... Read More »