How to have Excel add progressively add without altering the "result field"?

Answer Though this can be done by modifying your Options so that Calculation choices has Iterations turned on and set with a Maximum of "1", there will still be a problem.It will work fine as you use the ... Read More »

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How do I format the OPTIONS field for the yahoo store field when working on a CSV file in excel?

The Comma Separated Value (CSV) text file will never be able to save any Formatting options, because it is nothing more than a plain text file (just like something from Notepad).You will need to fi... Read More »

How to round the result of a cell in Excel in order to use the rounded total for another calculation?

Say your original cell is B5. To use only the rounded value of B5 in the calculation in another cell use ROUND(B5,0) instead of B5.Though you are seeing B5 as a rounded figure, this is most likely... Read More »

How to Name a Field in Excel 2003?

Your boss is reviewing the spreadsheet you created. He does not understand some of your formulas and calls you every two minutes with a new question. Of course, you do not mind answering his questi... Read More »

How to Set a Field of Data During Excel Import in Access?

Microsoft Access directly imports the contents of Excel spreadsheets. This is done through one of two methods. The import is performed through a wizard-driven process, that assigns field types base... Read More »