How to hack my friend computer and check out his files without his knowledge?

Answer You might want to try learning how to put a coherent sentence together first.

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Can another person see my computer information without my knowledge?

Absolutely.Some manipulations allow them to actually do more than you can, so seeing everything is apprentice work.Knowing an IP is not usually a key element in breaking into a remote Read More »

How to Hack Into a Computer Without an Account?

For whatever reason you need to get access to a computer without an account, here is how.

How do I restore my computer without losing my files?

Suonds like your computer is busted kid. If it won't even start then you've probably cracked it's motherboard The only option you probably have is to get a new one and image your HDD over to keep y... Read More »

How do i transfer files from one computer to another without internet?

With the help of CD. Burn the files on CD and then copy it on another computer.