How to hack my friend computer and check out his files without his knowledge?

Answer You might want to try learning how to put a coherent sentence together first.

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Who is the Mafia Hacking Team and how did they hack my friend's websites?

To answer your first question I would guess that the "Mafia Hacking Team " are teenagers simply due to the fact that who would waste their time or take the risk just to hack a website as far as how... Read More »

Is there anyone with computer knowledge that can help me pleeeeaaase?

Try running system restore, if running system restore does not work, or as it sounds if you are unable to run system restore (which is most likely since you can not keep it from crashing before you... Read More »

Do you think it's common knowledge that TCs of the computer section are hot?

Yeasshh I would so swallow if one of these guys showed he their yugioh collection

Can another person see my computer information without my knowledge?

Absolutely.Some manipulations allow them to actually do more than you can, so seeing everything is apprentice work.Knowing an IP is not usually a key element in breaking into a remote Read More »