How to grow your hair long, FAST!?

Answer 1- Use a brush with natural boar bristles.2- Don't braid or put your hair in a ponytail when it is still wet.3- cut on the chemical treatments such as bleaching, perms, coloring or highlighting.4- ... Read More »

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How to Grow Your Hair Long as Fast as Possible?

On average, a person's hair grows approximately a quarter to a half inch every month. To maximize your hair's ability to grow at this rate, you must take steps that not only foster growth, but tha... Read More »

How can i grow my hair very long and very fast?

Well, you can't really grow hair"fast" the way you want it, but I want long hair by june too. This is what I do cause my hair grows fast. Make sure you aint got any split ends, especially not inten... Read More »

How can I grow my hair out long and fast?

Ways to make your hair grow longer: 1. Living in a hot place 2. Washing hair with hot water if you live some where cold 3. eating fruits 4. 10 GLASSES of water EVERY day 5. Regular trims 6.Flip you... Read More »


You can grow really long hair, even if you thought you never could! This routine will make your hair grow super fast, really quick! Not only will you have long hair, but it will be super healthy an... Read More »