How to graduate from high school with many scholarships?

Answer Students are usually lucky if they get 2 or more. Not many people get scholarships because for every scholarships there are usually 2,000 or more applicants. That means that you have to be the BE... Read More »

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I need money for college ne 1 no a good site that a high school honor graduate can get scholarships from? is a great site to find tons of scholarships

How many high school credits do you have to have to graduate high school in Oregon?

You need at least 24 credits to graduate from high school in Oregon. You need four credits in English, three in mathematics, three in science, three in social science, one in health, one in physica... Read More »

Available High School Scholarships?

Though the cost of college tuition has progressively increased, the importance of a college education has not wavered. In order to fund their educational goals, many high school students look to sc... Read More »

Scholarships for high school?

Try talking to the school first. They may offer scholarships.If not, then there's a website called fastweb ( (I use it for looking for scholarships for college). Mostly it h... Read More »