How to go veggie without my mom knowing?

Answer Tell your parents that you feel very guilty eating meat as it involves the mass slaughter of innocent animals.Tell them that animals are made to suffer confinement in crowded stalls,excruciating pa... Read More »

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Can a landlord enter my house without me knowing and without my consent about any repairs needing to be done?

No, absolutely not. If you are paying, it is your personal area, and your landlord must have permission. If they are going through your house, and fixing things. that can be considered breaking and... Read More »

How to Ask Out a Guy Without Him Knowing It Is You?

Have you ever wanted to ask someone out but you didn't want him to know it was you? If so this page will help you out! Many people have this problem!

How to Be in Relationships Without Mom & Dad Knowing?

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Can you be pregnant without knowing it?

Being Pregnant Yes you can. A few women continue to have periods while pregnant, or may have irregular periods anyway and not realise they are pregnant, especially very young women, women approach... Read More »