How to go to sleep faster and earlier?

Answer Sleeping that late and waking up late is the worst thing to do. Been there, done that. Your biological clock is completely off. But you can fix it.In order to have a ''productive'' sleep and be abl... Read More »

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Any tips for getting to sleep better so I can wake up earlier?

1) go to bed before midnight.2) try and get up by at least 10 (i know its hard lol)3) napping in the day is forbidden!4) have a hot shower or bath shortly before bed.5) read (something boring) or l... Read More »

How to fall asleep earlier or what helps you go to sleep?

i have two way to get back your good night sleet on healthy life line!! and this are (easy way or hard way)[but maybe its good to try the easy way first and the easy way are] 1-maditation or music... Read More »

It takes ages for me to get to sleep. Any tequinques to get me to sleep faster?

Chamomile tea is a natural sedative, and the basic herbal answer for insomnia. Drink one cup per hour for three hours before bed.If that doesn't work quickly enough, add a couple of drops of valer... Read More »

HELP! i can't go to sleep any tips that can help me get to sleep faster without medicine?

Any one or other of the above answers may be helpful, but it really depends on personal preference, since the same method may not work for all. I can only add to the above answers : try simple brea... Read More »