How to go potty PLEASE TELL!?

Answer i want potty PLEASE TELL.

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How do I politely tell my in-laws not my son is not ready to potty train?

there is no set time for a child to be potty trained. the rule of thumb with this is though, that if your child can "predict" a bowl movement, than he can start the early stages of potty training.... Read More »

How can you potty train a 3 year old girl that wont use the potty?

you say if u go to the bathroom i will give u a treat usually this works

How to Potty Train a Child Who Refuses to Sit on the Potty?

According to Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D., FAAP, potty training can only happen "when a toddler is ready, and you can't rush it." It is also important to be ready as a parent. You must have the time a... Read More »

Tell me the keyboard shortcuts in detail. when we wil use and how we will use them. please tell me.?

Kiran,There are so many shortcut Keys are to work out. But I am not able to Type All of them. Some of them you can use from below. If u need more please mention your mail address i will forward you... Read More »