How to go from Brunette to Blonde?

Answer You were born a brunette but you've always wondered what it was like to be a blonde. Do they really have more fun? It's a drastic change, and unless you're a pro, it's not a good idea to attempt it... Read More »

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Blonde to brunette?

that color is nice but you have to think about if you will want to stay brunette permanently or if it is a fashion colour change. Hair that dark will be hard to lighten up again if you miss being b... Read More »

Do I look better blonde of brunette?

i would have to go with the blonde but honestly i love how they both look. if blonde is causing you trouble then turn it into a darker color. choose me as best answer =]

Do I look better as blonde or brunette (im a guy)?

Blonde because it lightens up your face and brings out your eyes, and makes you look much tanner...the brunette is meh.

Do i look better blonde or brunette?

i like the blonde because the darker hair kinda makes you look dull lol n pale. But which ever one you choose you won't look bad (just better with blonde).