How to go about obtaining a fake ID?

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What can prevent you from obtaining a passport?

The U.S. Department of State's Passport Agency is not obligated to approve passports for everyone who applies for one, even if the applicant is a citizen by birth or naturalization.Authority to Den... Read More »

Who is excluded from obtaining a passport?

In the United States, anyone who can not provide proof of citizenship is not eligible for a passport. A passport is a certification of identity and residency of the holder of the passport.Reference... Read More »

Obtaining a condo declaration?

Every owner is entitled to a copy of the governing documents, sometimes referred to as the declaration, or decs. Components can include CC&Rs, covenants, conditions and restrictions and any amendme... Read More »

Steps to Obtaining a Copyright?

Copyright protection is available for original works, created in a fixed medium in several categories, including music, literature, cinema, drama, art and architecture. Copyright registration is im... Read More »