How to go about obtaining a fake ID?

Answer Whore, Make some friends.

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How do i go about obtaining a permis C in switzerland?

Depending on your citizenship, you can obtain a C permit (in French: "permis") after 5 or 10 years of residence with a B permit.Please note that if you are a citizen from a EU country, the B permit... Read More »

EVERYBODY talks about the box on fake dre beats what about the headphones them selfs!?

The real ones don't sound too great to begin with, so if the fakes sound even worse then they need to be avoided at all costs. You also need to take into account the fact that the fakes may not be... Read More »

What was unusual about the Monkees apart from being about a fake rock band?

The Monkees was one of a very few civilian ( which excludes service comedies) sitcoms that was not, in any sense about a family, and also one of less than a handful that oculd be called Musical Com... Read More »

How do I go about obtaining a bond for Banks to allow my Property Management company to be added to their REO list of Real Estate Management and listing companies?

These types of Bonds are generally written by insurance Cos and available through insurance yours and others to see if they will consider providing one and what their individual re... Read More »