How to give yourself an orgasm?

Answer Clitorial stimimulation and lubrication will quickly increase the blood flow to the area so yes lub your fingers well,and touch yourself till you find the spot that makes you jerk and rub that and ... Read More »

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Is it true that the female orgasm is centred around pleasure , but the male orgasm is actually based on pain?

I watched Horizon years ago and it said that the male orgasm was based on pain but it was so concentrated that it came out as pleasure

Orgasm ?

When it comes to orgasm, woman is way more complicated than man. Mother nature has desinged woman in such a way that she should stay interested till the act of sex is over. Also, since sence of sec... Read More »

I'v never had an orgasm?

The first thing you need t do is tell him you have never had an orgasm that will stop him thinking he is failing you.80% of women never achieve orgasm through intercourse, you should try getting h... Read More »

What is the best way to orgasm besides sex?