How to get wifi anywhere on ipod touch?

Answer You can't. An ipod does not have the physical hardware to get cellular data. It only has wifi and wifi only works when connected to a router. If you want an ipod that gets internet everywhere, you ... Read More »

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How to Download WiFi on iPod Touch?

Apple's iPod Touch comes standards with several features that set it apart from other iPod devices, namely its touchscreen navigation interface. Another capability unique to the iPod Touch among iP... Read More »

How to Find WiFi on Your iPod Touch?

WiFi allows you to access apps stores, iTunes and many other needs that may be wanted on an iPod touch. WiFi can only be used in an WiFi connection area. Here are a few steps on how to find your Wi... Read More »

I can't connect to wifi on my new iPod touch?

When trying to connect, go close to the router, where it has full connection. Try turning the router off and back on. If it doesn't work after that try turning off the iPod, and putting into aeropl... Read More »

Is there a app for iPod touch for texting without wifi?

if you get a nokia, you can make an internet connection from anywhere