How to get torrents to work?

Answer You know to be honest I don't have a good history with torrents either! But if you are wanting to watch full episodes of Start Trek for free, then I found you a website you might like! Read More »

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Does the torrents work for android phones?

Yes they do. I use them to transfer content from my home computer to my phone.

Are Blu Ray torrents better than DVD torrents?

DVD is not 1080p, although it is possible to record a few minutes at that resolution on one they just don't have the capacity to hold a whole movie. The Blu Ray rip should be higher quality but un... Read More »

How to Use Bit Torrents?

Bit Torrents have received a bad rap as a means for digital piracy. The peer-to-peer protocol is not solely for illegally trading copyrighted files, but is in fact a great way to distribute larger ... Read More »

How to Use Antivirus & Torrents?

Torrent files are packaged by users. The creator of the torrent can put anything he wants into the torrent file, including a virus, spyware or malware. If a torrent downloader is not careful his co... Read More »