How to get to sleep if you're a chronic insomniac?

Answer If xanax no longer works, then you have developed a tolerance to it. Unfortunately, this means you also have some dependency on it, meaning if you don't take it your insomnia will be even worse. Th... Read More »

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I need some help getting sleep! Any good ways for a bad insomniac to get some sleep?

Ouch! I used to do that as well: skip one night of sleep just so I could sleep much better the next night. The problem is it wreaks havoc with your body and mind, as I'm sure you've noticed.I was t... Read More »

Who knows the cure for an insomniac that can't sleep?

Don't torture yourself. The worst thing that an insomniac can do is to lie in bed tossing and turning. If you can't fall asleep after 15 to 20 minutes, get up and do a quiet activity, such as readi... Read More »

Can you take a cough drop if youre taking benadryl at night to go to sleep?

Go for it.............. cough drops are harmless. It's the NYQUIL liquid stuff ya have to watch the alcohol content if you're mixing it with other medications. I also have wicked allergies, ... Read More »

I'm in chronic pain and can't sleep.?

Hello,I too suffer from pain.Physical therapy does not work so well with arthritis, at least in my case. your going to have to take your drugs, sorry to say I hate those things and hardly ever tell... Read More »